Intrinsic Story is an Australian based screen production company established in 2017 by Producer Ben McNeill.

At Intrinsic we develop bold, unique concepts and scripts, packaging these with rising and established marquee talent on and off screen to bring vibrant and thought provoking stories to market.

With a highly genre focussed, lower-budget range production model, our content is developed as clear and character-driven, with universal themes designed to transcend traditional boundaries of demographic appeal.

With a vertically integrated co-marketing model and an approach that involves highly penetrative seed campaigns, Intrinsic starts building a strong audience at the beginning of development, offering greater value and more options to our market partners on delivery.


The Intrinsic motto is ‘Fearless with Curious’ - a mantle promoting experimentation of ideas, strong use of current and social themes, and a relentless pursuit of truth and nuance in life, art and expression.